Q.      Several employees in our Institution have requested use of the weight rooms, gyms,
          shops, and playing fields for their own personal use after hours, evenings and
          weekends. What paperwork, if any, should we have in place?

          We would consider these groups of employees using the Institution's facilities for personal
          use to be like any other community user group. There should be a User Group Agreement
          in place with an indemnity. Please refer to the Risk Management section for information on
          community user groups.

Q.      Our Institution has a construction project for a new building/renovation. What forms
          are required to initiate coverage?

          The following form found in the Forms section, needs to be completed and forwarded to

Q.       What does an employee or a volunteer need to know about driving their own or a
           borrowed vehicle for Institution activities?

           When an employee or authorized volunteer driver has an accident while operating a licensed
           vehicle for an approved activity, the owner's automobile liability is primary.  However, UCIPP
           has in place a special ICBC coverage that bridges the gap that may exist between the
           owner's automobile liability limit and $1,000,000.00.  UCIPP provides coverage in excess
           of the $1,000,000.00 or the owner's automobile liability limit.

           There are two possible circumstances which will disqualify the driver and/or vehicle owner
           under UCIPP:

1.     Where the vehicle is used for a purpose other than what it is insured for under the
        owner's primary insurance;

2.     When the vehicle is operated in violation of any motor vehicle regulation or section of
        the criminal code.

           Refer to the article Automobile Liability for additional information.

           Note: Personal belongings contained within a vehicle are not insured by either ICBC or
           UCIPP.  The driver should look to their homeowners/tenants insurance for this coverage.
           UCIPP does not carry insurance for physical damage to employees' or volunteers' owned
           or borrowed vehicles.  It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to insure physical damage
           directly with an insurer.

Q.      Are students covered for accidental injury under UCIPP?

          No, UCIPP does not provide this coverage. However, Optional Student Accident Insurance
          can be purchased through UCIPP by the Institution.